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Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as many know, is the prestigious author and creator of the sharp witted, fictional character of Sherlock Holmes. However, he had written on subjects other than that of his brilliant mystery stories. For example, he wrote historical novels such as The White Company, Sir Nigel, and Micah Clarke. There were many events in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s life that had a direct effect on why he became a writer and the subject matter that he wrote on. He was born in Edinburgh in May of 1859. His mother Mary was Irish, and could trace her ancestry back to the famous Percy family of Northumberland and from there to the Plantagent’s line. As a result of this fact, the young Conan Doyle was introduced to many tales that reeked of historical knowledge, which gave him a good base to later write such novels as the ones listed earlier. Life was fairly difficult for the young Arthur Conan Doyle. He was one of ten children, who were raised on the meager income of a civil servant, his father, Charles. Charles Altamont Doyle was the son of John Doyle, a famous caricaturist. Charles’s brothers, which would be Conan’s uncles, all had made a name for themselves: James wrote The Chronicles of England; Henry became the manager of the National Gallery in Dublin; and Richard became famous for being an artist. With all of this fame and appreciation for â€Å"the arts† that was floating around him, it is no wonder that Conan Doyle grew up to become a writer. Charles Doyle had a few artistic talents as well, but chose only to use them as a spare time leisurely thing to do. Besides this, he had also lost his drive to work, which in turn resulted in the loss of his post in the Office of Works in Edinburgh. He slowly began turning to alcoholism as a means to drown his sorrows, which caused his epilepsy to become slowly worse. He was put in an institution for the last few years of his life until he died in 1893. The alcoholism of his father affected Conan Doyle very significantly. Conan decided to leave the exact details of this crisis out of his autobiography Memories and Adventures, but the subject of alcoholism was not taken lightly in his later fictional stories.

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Detailed assessment of The Toy Essay

Introduction I am a student at †¦.College and I am doing The Early Childhood care and education Course FETAC Level 5. One of mandatory modules in this course is Early Childhood Education and Play and The Toy Critique assignment is part of that. I have to choose a toy and write detailed assessment about it. My chosen toy is The Memo Locomotives Puzzle made by Goki. Goki is the name of the brand for high-quality wooden toys at a fair price, ensuring that excellent toys remain affordable. Memo Locomotives puzzle is set of 32 wooden tiles with 4 different, attractive locomotives and comes in hard cardboard box. Each locomotive is in different colour. To connect pieces together child has to look at colours, pictures and shapes, like square and diamond. Aim, Objectives, Rationale My aim of this assignment is to choose a toy that is suitable for children in age group 0-6 years and to assess and to examine it under various headings. I will critique it fewer than 40 criteria points and discuss the toy specific to P.I.L.E.S and the role of the adult in supporting play. I will write up and evaluate my findings and give conclusion and recommendations at the end. I chose to critique Memo Locomotive Puzzle for this assignment because it is a toy that my family members had played with for few years and children really loves it. I have learned that play is not only enjoyable, but it has a value to learning and development as well. It is in play that young children encounter their own learning situations. Play facilitates social skills and helps children to see things from other people’s point of view. Play helps to strengthen the imagination of children and it is  necessary in cognitive development. Through play, children develop a greater ability to concentrate (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 47). Aistear recognises the value of play in early learning and development. Section 3 of the Good Practise Guidelines deals with the subject of play and its role in the early childhood curriculum (Flood and Hardy, 2013, p 165) Aistear recognises the enormous body of research that shows that young children (particularly those aged 0-6) learn most effectively through play and that more directive methods do not work but actually curb children’s natural desire to explore and discover (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 92). Going through this assignment I want to find out for what type of play and what stage of play. The Memo Locomotive Puzzle is suitable and I want to see how it stands up in relation not only to play but to learning and developmental values too. I will look at adult’s role in play activities regarding this toy and if there are any changes to be made to improve the toy. I will state my conclusion and give my recommendations at the end. List of criteria 1. Name of toy? Puzzle and Memo Locomotives. 2. What is the price range? It can be bought online at and it costs 24 euro, shipping is included. 3. What is a brand for it? The brand is Goki. 4. Who is a toy manufacturer? It is Gollnest & Kiesel KG, Germany. 5. Is it ready available? Yes, it is and can be bought online at 6. At what age group is it suitable? It is suitable for children from 2 years of age up to 6 years of age. 7. Is it suitable for boys or girls? It can be played by boys and girls. 8. Does it suit all cultures? Yes, it does. 9. Is it suitable for children with special needs? Yes, it is. There could be some difficulties to use the puzzle if child has specific movement restrictions. 10. Does it suit single or multiple players? It can be played by single child or up to four children. There are 4 locomotive sets in the box and up to 4 children can play with it at the same time. 11. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Yes, it definitely is. The puzzle comes in four bright, contemporary colours: red, blue, yellow and green. There are lovely, colourful, attractive motifs of animals and children illustrated on it. 12. Is it educational? Yes, it is. It promotes physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. 13. Does it help to develop language? Yes, it does. Child names colours, shapes and animals and talks about pictures that appear when pieces are connected. 14. Does it develop motor skills? Yes, it does. It is a great builder of fine motor skills as a child has to connect pieces without a glitch to get a complete picture. 15. Does it encourage imaginative play? No, it does not. This toy is more suitable for manipulation type of play. 16. Does this toy have any sensory benefits to the child? Yes, it does. Wood has individual character, smell and texture. This awakens the natural senses and kelps the child to recognize and understand natural materials. 17. What size is it? Does it need a special storage? The puzzle comes in hard cardboard box sized 21x8x5 cm and does not need a special storage; can be easily put on the shelf. 18. Does it require batteries or does it need to be charged? No, it does not require batteries or charging. 19. From what kind of material is it made of? It is a wooden toy. 20. Is it durable? Yes, it is very durable. The puzzle is made from sturdy wood, so it is very hard to cause any damage to it while it is used in playing activities. 21. What kind of texture does it have? It has smooth, even and solid surface with warm feeling. 22. Is it waterproof? It is not waterproof. But I had experienced that a small amount of water does not cause any damage to the toy. 23. Is it washable or does it need special cleaning? It is not washable and does not need special cleaning. It can be cleaned with dump cloth. 24. Is it for use indoor or outdoor? It is for indoor use, but can be played outdoors as well, if it is not too wet. 25. Is it moveable? Yes, it is. Child can move it, for example, from table to ground very easily. 26. Is it portable? Yes, it is. It comes in nice box with lid and is lightweight. 27. Is it qualitative? Yes, it is. My family members have used this game for more than three years and it still looks and feels the same as it was whet it was brand new. Material is qualitative and sturdy and printings have stayed on place till now. 28. Is it good value for money? Yes, it is. 29. Are parts of it replaceable? No, they are not. 30. Are there levels of difficulty? No, there are not. But adults can make them up, like, asking the child to connect pieces by looking at colours. When child has appreciated it, adult can encourage the child to connect pieces matching the shapes. 31. Are there add-on packs available for it? No, there are no add-on packs available. 32. Is it suitable for multiple purposes? No, it is not. But, if the child has an imagination, he can find another function, for example, use wooden pieces as a part of construction project. 33. Is there a special instruction or programming required? The toy does not require programming or special instruction. 34. Does it require an upgrade? No, it does not require an upgrade. 35. Does it need an adult supervision? It does not require an adult supervision. 36. Is it safe for children? Yes, it is. It is fully tested and certified to meet all safety requirements. It has CE marking. 37. Is there choking risk? No, there is no choking risk. Each piece of puzzle is in size 5Ãâ€"7.7 cm and big enough to be safe for even a very small child. 38. Is it flammable? No, it is not flammable. But it will burn if put in flame, because it is a wooden toy. 39. Does it have a guarantee? No, it does not. But it can be returned to within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. 40. Is it recyclable? Yes, it is. It is made from wood and wood is a natural made material which can be subjected to recycling. 41. Are there reviews about the toy? No, I couldn’t find any reviews about this particular toy. Detailed assessment of the Toy Initially I found out for what type of play my chosen toy can be used for. There are several types of play, but to my chosen Locomotives Puzzle fits Manipulative type of play that is under Physical form of play by Moyles’s forms of play (Beaver et al, 2001, p471). Manipulative play involves practising and refining motor skills. This type of play enhances physical dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination. Over time children need to experience a range of different levels of manipulation if they are to refine their motor skills. This type of play includes manipulating objects and materials (NCCA, 2009, pg 54) Manipulative play includes using puzzles, threading, playdough, carpentry, construction sets and blocks (Department of Education, Training and Employment, 2012, pg2). In this type of play the child has to manipulate with puzzle pieces by lifting, turning and placing them. This  toy can be a part of Intellectual play as well as it helps child to discover and learn colours, shapes and counting and has a benefit to memory skills. This toy can be tested under five areas of benefits to development that links with Aistear’s themes. Aistear recognises the enormous body of research that shows that young children (particularly those aged 0-6) learn most effectively through play and that more directive methods do not work but actually curb children’s natural desire to explore and discover. This section describes how play benefits all five areas of development: intellectual, language, emotional and social (PILES). This links with Aistear’s four themes: wellbeing, identity and belonging, communicating, and exploring and thinking (Flood and Hardy, 2013, p 165). I will look closer how my chosen toy can benefit all five areas of children development. Physical Development: Wellbeing Physical play is very important and essential to children development. Physical play (†¦) promotes gross-motor skills. Children develop balance and increase co0ordinaton trough practising skills such as running, jumping, climbing, skipping, walking on tip-toe, hopping, pedalling, etc. Physical play also promotes health and wellbeing because it increases appetite and tires children so that they sleep well. Physical development also involves the development and refinement of fine-motor skills; creative and construction play are both particularly beneficial in this area (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 92). Physical development and health is also one of Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs) that â€Å"together form a framework that guides teachers in the planning process of beneficial learning experiences for the children in their care† ( Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 61). There are 4 KDIs that relate to physical development and health. This toy is valuable to fine-motor skills. Small-muscle or fine-motor development also is included in the physical development of a child, and deals with such areas as smiling, picking up a fork or tying a shoe. Small-muscle development is evident as infants grasp cereal to put in their mouths and is enhanced by activities such as picking up blocks or drawing with crayons (Brotherson, 2006, pg 2). Playing with The Memo Locomotives Puzzle the child has to lift and turn pieces, and sort them in groups. Children have to do accurate movements to connect pieces thus getting the complete picture of the train.  Children develop control and strength in their fingers by doing that. These things are very essential to educational process at later stage, for example, to handwriting and drawing practise. Intellectual Development: Exploring and Thinking Intellectual, cognitive development takes a big part in children’s overall development. Cognitive development includes the development of each of the following: imagination, creativity, memory skills, concentration skills, problem-solving skills, concept information (Flood, 2013, pg 96). And playing has important role in intellectual development. Through play children can explore and think about a wide range of concepts in a non-threatening way. Play cannot be ‘wrong’ so children are much more likely to take risks with their learning when they are engaged in play (Flood et al, 2013, pg 93). Through play with The Memo Locomotives Puzzle children can explore colours and shapes. This toy helps children to improve their sorting skills, because they have to sort out pieces by colours at the start to make each train. Children will get 8 pieces for each train after sorting them by colours. Now they will be able to sort those 8 pieces in pairs by connecting shapes and by linking pairs together they will get complete train. Each time by playing with it children train their memory skills by remembering which piece has to be taken to make complete diamond shape and which one is needed to make the monkey and bananas picture. Children can learn or improve their counting skill. For example, for a small child teacher/parent can count each piece that child has placed and soon child will start to count together with teacher/parent. Language Development: Communicating The definition of language is: â€Å"Language is any form of communication, be it spoken, written or signed. Language consists of words and system of combining them† (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 122) The memo Locomotives Puzzle can give benefits to language development by naming colours, shapes, animals and other parts of pictures. Because of Puzzle’s bright and vivid printings it has a big value to teaching child the right name of exact colour. Besides that, game can be played up to 4 children and by communicating and explaining the rules to each other they will improve they language skills.  Virtually all types of play involve communication. Children negotiate their roles, talk about what they are doing and talk about their plans for what will happen next. (†¦) When playing games with rules, children have to explain rules to newcomers. (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 93) Children will learn new words and they will learn new ways how to put words in sentences. Teacher/parent can be a companion to child if he’s playing alone and communicate with him during play thus helping to improve his language development through play. Emotional Development: Identity and Belonging, and Communicating Emotional development involves children learning to deal with their emotions (both negative and positive) in a healthy way. Emotional development also involves the promotion of a positive self-image and high self-esteem. (Flood and Hardy, 203, pg 93) Play is important part of emotional development and The Memo Locomotives Puzzle can help in that. During play with this toy children have to deal with emotions like anger and frustration when something does not work the way children wish to or pride and happiness when they got it right. Those good emotions promote positive self-esteem, child is happy about himself, for example, he is proud he did his train set first or he did his one carefully and at the end it looks nicer than other ones. Children learn to share their emotional with adult and peers, like; child learns not only to show but to talk about his emotions. Emotional regulation is an important part of emotional development (Flood, 2013, pg 175). During play with The Memo Locomotives Puzzle teacher/parent can observe children and help them deal with their negative emotions, like they can teach how to deal with frustration when it is hard for child to find right piece of puzzle. Social Development: Identity and Belonging, and Communicating Social development basically involves the development of three related skills: (1) the ability to interact effectively with others, (2) learning and understanding the norms of the society in which the child lives and (3) moral development. Play can be a very effective way for children to learn and perfect these skills (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 94). The Memo Locomotives Puzzle can help children to interact effectively with others. They have to communicate while playing by handing pieces to each other,  helping find the right piece for each other. They have to learn to share The Locomotive’s sets and wait for their turn. They will learn to ask for a piece nicely and use phrases like ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ thus learning and teaching to each other good manners. Children learn to understand the norms of society by doing that. â€Å"Social norms are descriptions of ‘rules’ about people’s behaviour, beliefs, attitudes and values within a society or social group† (Flood, 2013, pg 151). It is very important to select not only the right type of play to promote child’s development but to make sure that the play will match his stage of development also. Most of theorists of play, like Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, Steiner Waldorf, Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget and Rudolph Steiner, have identified stages of development. For example, Rudolf Steiner distributed 3 different stages: 0-7 years, 7-14 years and 14-18 years (Flood et al, 2013, pg 42-43). The Memo Locomotives Puzzle is suitable for children in age group 2-6 and fits under first stage (0-7) years by Steiner’s concept: The first seven years of children’s lives are of greatest importance. (†¦) Children conquer the skills of movement, speech, gesture and communication. (†¦) Children absorb every aspect of their environment and they are open to external influences also. The focus at this point is on learning by doing (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 42-43). I already have clarified that my chosen toy helps to improve children’s basic knowledge in physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development and it means that age group marked on The Memo Locomotives Puzzle’s label match the concrete toy. Detailed assessment of the role of the adult There are two styles of play that are relevant to adult’s role in children playing activities. They are structured play and free play. Structured play is planned, guided and led by adults. Structured play can be useful but there is a risk that if it is too adult-led children can lose interest. (†¦) Adults can provide support by demonstrating skills that the child can then try out for themselves. (†¦) Some theorists advocated a very structured approach. Montessori advocated that certain skills should be very clearly demonstrated by the adult, with the child carefully watching so that  they could then copy exactly what the adult had done (Food and Hardy, 2013, pg 87, 88) Free play is not adult-led. Adults provide equipment, materials and resources for free play, but they do not direct it any way. Advocates of free play believe that children learn much more from this style of play than from structured play, since they are more motivated by having created it themselves (Flood and Hardy, 013, pg 88). The Memo Locomotives Puzzle needs adult participation to improve children development in all five areas of benefits to development. Adult participation is essential to help children by naming colours or shapes, showing which colour or shape are the one that has been named. Therefore adult attendance is not essential all the time. Children can be left with the toy by themselves thus giving them time to practise their object manipulating skills and memory. Adult has to observe children while playing and make a decision when to intervene and when to stand back. Adult must intervene and help in communication thus helping to develop children’s social and communication skills, like helping to resolve conflicts and to solve problems in peaceful manner. I like Janet Moyles concept and I believe it suits the best regarding adult role to play with The Memo Locomotives puzzle. The concept for which she (Janet Moyles) is best known is the spiral of play or spiral of learning. The spiral of play describes how children move in and out of different modes of play: direct play to free, and back again (Flood and Hardy, 2013, pg 105). Adult observes to children playing and decides when and if he/she is required to intervene in the play to support it. Evaluation I consider results of my assignment as positive and valuable. I found out a lot about my chosen toy’s benefits to children learning through play. I discovered for what type of play this toy would suit the best and how adult can support children in play with it. Conclusion My aim was to find out can The Memo Locomotives Puzzle be supportive in learning through play and give any benefits to children’s development. I  introduced with my chosen toy and did description of the toy including 40 assessment criteria and described the toy under five areas of benefits to children’s development. I also looked at adult role in play with The Memo Locomotives Puzzle. I found out that toy is educational and fun. I found that The Memo Locomotives Puzzle fits under manipulative type of play. The toy can be useful in all five areas of benefits to development: physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development. I believe that manufacturer has positioned this toy under the right age group because of children’s developmental stages and age stages. I discovered that for this toy looking at adult role better suits structured style of play with adult stepping in and out giving children time for free play as well. Overall I looked at toy from many aspects and found this toy suitable for children’s learning through play. Recommendations My list of advantages and disadvantages: Advantages Disadvantages Attractive for children Age group toy is suitable for Benefits all five areas of children development Material for storage box is not quite durable Affordable High quality Made of natural material In overall I really like this toy. I have experienced that children love this toy and it is attractive for them. There are only two things I would recommend to change about it: 1) Although the toy comes in good hardboard box, I would recommend using wooden box instead. The hardboard box can be destroyed in a second if child steps on it and it would make storage very impractical. I believe it would lead to lost pieces. I agree that wooden box  would make the toy a bit more expensive, but it would make the toy last longer. If there are no pieces lost, this toy really last for many years because of its durability. 2) I would recommend to manufacturer to change an age group that toy is suitable for. Because of my own experience I can say that this toy is really attractive to children aged 2-4. Children at age 5-6 lost their interest after the first time playing with it. They already know colours and they know shapes and they got along very quickly, level of difficulty is too easy for them. All the other aspects, like durability, bright and vivid colours, lovely printings. I believe, are very good regarding this toy. I like about this toy that it is really educational and attractive for children and I would highly recommend it to parents and teachers for children aged 2-4. References Beaver, M., Brewster, J., jones, P., Keene, A., Neaum, S., and Tallack, J., 2001, Babies and children, Diploma in childcare and education, United Kingdom: Nelson Thornes Brotherson Sean, Bright beginnings #8, 2006, US: NDSU Extension Service Department of Education, Training and Employment, 2012, Giving children a flying start, Australia: Queensland Government Flood E., Hardy C., 2013, Early Childhood Education & Play, Dublin: Gill and MacMillan Flood, E., 2013, Child Development, Dublin: Gill and MacMillan NCCA, Aisthear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, 2009, Ireland: NCCA

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Complaint letter examples - 1460 Words

Complaint letter Example--- complaint for the poor cleats 65 Market Street Val Haven, CT 95135 June 30, 2004 Customer Service Cool Sports, LLC 8423 Green Terrace Road Asterville, WA 65435 Dear Sir or Madam: I have recently ordered a new pair of soccer cleats (item #6542951) from your website on June 21. I received the order on June 26. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I saw that the cleats were used. The cleats had dirt all over it and there was a small tear in front of the part where the left toe would go. My order number is AF26168156. To resolve the problem, I would like you to credit my account for the amount charged for my cleats; I have already went out and bought a new pair of cleats at my local sporting goods store so†¦show more content†¦I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your assistance. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I appreciate that this is an unusual request, but I would be very grateful for any help you could provide. I look forward to hearing from you. If you think the reader might have further questions, you can suggest that he or she contact you; e.g. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Example Golden Gate Engineering Prince Square, Prince Street, Kowloon 8 May 2007 ProSkills Training Centre Jubilee Building Silver Road Wan Chai Dear Sir or Madam, Enquiry about Quality Control Course I am writing to enquire whether your company could offer a course on Quality Control for our managers. I saw your advert in the HK Daily on Friday, 4 May 2007, and the Quality Control Training Course (Ref.: QC 101 ) mentioned in the advert might be suitable for us. I would like to know if it is possible for you to offer a 3-month training course starting before or, at the latest, on Friday, 25 May 2007, for a group of 20. Could you send us some information about the teaching staff and the possible schedule for this course? I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Yours faithfully, Chapmen Au Chapmen Au Managing Director Example 2 Rich Lucky Trading Company 345, Nathan Rd, Kowloon, H.K. 10 May 2007 Hi-fashion Garment Ltd Unit 398 Shek Kip Mei Industrial Estate Dear Sir or Madam Request for Catalogue Please sendShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Complaint Letter1027 Words   |  5 Pagesprovide the best service and tend to all of the guests’ needs and requirements. If there is no service then there would be no business. When running a business, the costumer is always placed first. Poor services can results in a complaint from a guest. But that complaint can be used to better the business in the future. There are many issues that Mr. Metz should be concerned with when it comes to running the ATMI hotel. It is the general managers job to make sure the guests are being pamperedRead MoreThe Freedom Of Information Act Case Report1346 Words   |  6 PagesAll documents that are being submitted should be numbered  in chronological order and attached to your signed complaint to support your testimony. Write in your complaint  see Appendix.  An Appendix is another name for a list. List and number your 12  attachments or exhibits the complaint.  All information given by you  and the employee will become the  FOIA FILE.The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that allows any member of the public to request copies of federal government records, includingRead MoreProfessional Communication1467 Words   |  6 Pages * Different mediums of Communication 2 * Modes of Communication 2 * Barriers to Communication 3 * Principles of Effective Communication 3 * Business Correspondence Letters 3 * Enquiries, Quotations, Complaints and Redressal 3 * Sales Promotion Letters 3 * Report Writing and Research Reports 4 * Conclusion 5 * References 6 1) Introduction Communication brings about unity and purpose, interests and effortsRead MoreHealth Care Professionals Criminal Liability1529 Words   |  7 Pagesmalpractice issues. Consumers Civil Liability Complaint Process Patient rights are always a huge concern in the health care field and the complaints are taken seriously all the time. Individuals have the right file complaints against misconduct, misrepresentation, or harassment. In the health care field, patients need to submit complaints to the nursing board or to the state department of professional regulation. For example, when filing a complaint individuals must include first and last nameRead MorePrinciples of Implementing Duty of Care in HS Care or CYps Settings1244 Words   |  5 Pagessure they have adequate clothing/bedding, keep them away from alcohol and drugs and prevent them from absconding. The safety of the children is the main priority of my job role, of course I cannot always prevent all of these things happening for example they are on family contact or if they lie about where they are but I have to follow behaviour management strategies which are laid out in all of the children’s care plans to do my very best for the children. 1.2 Explain how duty of care contributesRead MoreDeveloping Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner1745 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand the needs of all customers. â€Å"10.3.1 Use available technology effectively to access relevant HR content to resolve customer issues.† I am able to use our HR system, SAP to access personal data to assist HR Managers, raise contracts, letters etc. I also run post payroll reports and ad hoc reports. Lastly, I support employees with our HCM system Success Factors as it has only recently been launched. I have provided training sessions for employees and continue to train new starters. Read MoreFunctional Areas of Tescos and Apple Five1381 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Southern Fried Chicken and Apple Tesco’s and Apple have various functional areas, below are some areas with some examples in each of the businesses. Southern Fried Chicken: Sales – Southern Fried Chicken has a specific functional area based on sales. The sales department of a business handles how the products will be sold and helping customers find a suitable product for their needs. They organise sales promotions such as buy two number seven deals and get the third one for free, respond to customerRead MoreBusiness Writing1661 Words   |  7 Pagesbusiness. We use writing in all types of communication such as: email, facsimile, letter writing, etc. Writing skills are important to the business professional because it prepares the workplace for well-written business communications. The three topics I will cover can serve as an outline for improving writing skills in businesses. The topics are principles of business writing, how to write an effective business letter, and how to improve business writing within the company. These topics will aidRead MoreSample Letter on Unsatisfactory Customer Service Experience1041 Words   |  4 PagesUnsatisf actory Customer Service Experience Summary of results/response from the company The letter copied above was mailed to Al Ghanim Shiuickh Industrial Car Service the day following the failure-to-notify telephone call. The service manager of the car service responded to the letter dated December 18, 2012 by mail the same day and the response was received on December 23, 2012. The prompt response to the complaint letter was consistent with best practices for effective customer relationship management (BunkerRead MoreProfessional Bodies At The Technological Sector1730 Words   |  7 Pagesthe specified areas of study. This is a review of professional bodies in the technological sector. Roles of professional Organizations In the technological sector, professional bodies are tasked with a number of roles and responsibilities. For example, they are responsible for setting and marking professional examination papers. The purpose of setting professional examination papers is to ensure that only high quality graduates are certified. Also, professional bodies pool their financial resources

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Book Report for Underground Railroad - 1337 Words

William Wang Mrs. Smart Book Report Midterm Report Underground Railroad Dramatic First-Hand Accounts 1. Alabama a. Narrative of Peter Still i. This narrative appears in stills Underground Railroad Records ii. One of the greatest documents of the underground railroad iii. The life, struggles, and success of Peter and his Family were ably brought before the public in â€Å"The Kidnapped and the Ransoms† iv. His Parents Levin and Sidney were both slaves on the Eastern shore of Maryland v. The father was able to buy his freedom at a low sum vi. But the wife and mother remained a slave vii. The wife had four children, two girls and two boys viii.†¦show more content†¦Narrative of John Brown lxiv. Went to Kansas and brought many weapons lxv. Found his sons in an unsheltered area lxvi. Created a posse to fight against Missouri pro slavery militia occupying Kansas lxvii. During the battles one of John Brown’s son was killed lxviii. Many Missouri men had robbed Kansas houses during battle lxix. Created one of the first sparks of the Civil W ar 5. South Carolina lxx. Large portions of the slaves lived near the water lxxi. Many seek northern captains to pilot them north lxxii. Dr. Alexander M. Ross traveled through South Carolina for the purpose of spreading the word about Canada and the routes slaves could take to reach Canada g. Narrative of John Jackson lxxiii. Was able to live with the masters children as a playmate lxxiv. Started to work in the fields when he was 7 or 8 lxxv. Only had 2 meals a day lxxvi. The overseers whipped him in front of his father lxxvii. Was married and had a baby boy lxxviii. Was whipped to give up his wife lxxix. Decided to run away to the north and have his wife bought back lxxx. There was a north bound ship which John Jackson hid in for 4 days lxxxi. Out of hunger he dig a hole in the wooden planks that signaled the Captain lxxxii. The captain helpedShow MoreRelatedThe Underground Railroad : The United States History1456 Words   |  6 PagesThe Underground Railroad is a popular topic in United States history, but many of the stories told about it are more myth than fact. Quilts have been often used as a symbol in children s picture books to further the understanding of one of the darkest periods of United States history: slavery. Parents and teachers have eagerly embraced these illustrated books as a way to understand and teach past turmoil. Many of these books suggest that people who participated in the Underground Railroad used quiltsRead MoreThe Life Of A Woman Harriet Tubman1404 Words   |  6 Pages This book will create an image of a woman Harriet Tubman, who was compared to the biblical Moses as she was determined to get her people out of bondage and onto freedom seen as their promised land. Reading the book will no doubt create a level of pain within the reader as he/she feels the pain that not only Harriet Tubman suffered but also those who suffered and died in the quest from slavery to freedom. This small yet powerful book of 22 chapters, takes u s as passengers on this fictitiousRead More The Role of Washington County, Ohio in the Success of the Underground Railroad3729 Words   |  15 Pagesthe Underground Railroad Gone, gone, --sold and gone To the rice-swamps dank and lone, From Virginias hills and waters, -- Woe is me, my stolen daughters! (Whittier in Hamilton, pg. 105) Families torn apart, humans sold on auction blocks, using humans for animal labor. These tragedies along with the words of the Quaker poet John Whiittier are just the beginning when trying to explain the motivation for abolitionists helping to free slaves. The Underground Railroad wasRead MoreSigns, Symbols and Signals of the Underground Railroad Essay3216 Words   |  13 PagesSigns, Symbols and Signals of the Underground Railroad A journey of hundreds of miles lies before you, through swamp, forest and mountain pass. Your supplies are meager, only what can be comfortably carried so as not to slow your progress to the Promised Land – Canada. The stars and coded messages for guidance, you set out through the night, the path illuminated by the intermittent flash of lightning. Without a map and no real knowledge of the surrounding area, your mind races before youRead MoreTen Days That Shook the World by John Reed667 Words   |  3 Pagesthe cold while the working class still maintained control of factories and railroads. The armies froze, the factories shut down and food became hard to come by. Some radical protestors even went as far to destroy their own possessions. â€Å"I know of certain coal-mines near Kharkov which were fired and flooded by their owners, or textile factories at Moscow whose engineers put the machinery out of order when they left, or railroad officials caught by the workers in t he act of crippling locomotives† (ReedRead MoreUnderground to Canada: Ch 6-10 by: Danish Khan1726 Words   |  7 PagesThis was essentially a Book Report assignment that my grade 8 teacher gave me. It basically summarizes the book from chapter 6-10 chapters of the book Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker via Book Report format. This should be quite use full for students under TDSB Scarborough area. =========================January 7, 2008 Danish KhanFirst Steps WritingCH 6-10 RecountStolen and ripped away from her loving mother, Julilly travels in a wooden cart with other slaves from Massa Hensens plantationRead MoreTheme Of Individualism In Anthem1426 Words   |  6 Pagesand if one individual determines that the technology will not benefit all of his fellow brothers, then it will never see the light of day. Early on in the book, Equality begins to act of his own volition, acting in opposition to the laws that mandate that one should act in accordance with his fellow brothers. He discovers an underground railroad tunnel system, which is an utterly foreign concept (12). Having found intellectual manuscripts, Equality begins experimenting by himself, isolated from theRead MoreThe War Of The Civil War Essay1688 Words   |  7 Pagesfor joy, the organization of subjection had turned out to be immovably settled in America. blacks worked in the tobacco fields of Virginia, in the r ice fields of South Carolina, and drudged in little ranches and shops in the North. Foner and Mahoney report in A House Divided, America in the Age of Lincoln that, In 1776, slaves made forty percent out of the number of inhabitants in the provinces from Maryland south to Georgia, yet well beneath ten percent in the states toward the North. The developmentRead MoreHarriet Beecher Stowe : An Abolitionist1645 Words   |  7 PagesHentz, Salmon P. Chase, Emily Blackwell, and others. It was in that group that met Calvin Ellis Stowe, a widower and professor at the seminary. The two were married on January 6, 1836. He was an ardent critic of slavery, Stowe and supported the Underground Railroad, which temporarily houses several fugitive slaves in their home. They had seven children, including two twin daughters. In 1850, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law, prohibiting assistance to fugitives. At that time, Stowe had moved withRead MoreThe Unknown Of D Day1583 Words   |  7 Pagesof Americans, British, Belgium, Canadian, French, Danish, and Norwegian military branches to free Europe from notorious German control. Many questions involving D-Day have yet to be answered, such as the ones to be listed. How did the French Underground/French Resistance assist in the invasion? Why were paratroopers crucial to the push inland from the beaches? Why were the German Panzer tanks kept in reserve when they could’ve pushed the allied advance back? What were the tactical failures committed

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Walmart Analysis - 3106 Words

Wal-mart is the biggest chain of retailer and consumer, which provides a large number of quality products under one roof. These include grocery clothing, pharmacy, toys, hardware and various CDs, DVD Musical instruments, consumer electronics, books etc. etc. Moreover, every Wal-Mart possesses McDonalds where people can eat and have a break while shopping. It also contains a photo shop so people can do shopping while their photos get ready. Wal-Mart is basically an innovative creation of Sam Walton who opened the first Wal-Mart store during 1962. It is publicly traded under the New York stock exchange and recognize by the symbol WMT. The secret of the international economic aspect of Wal-Mart is hidden in the number of shareholders†¦show more content†¦For instance, during 1998, the Mexican joint venture with Wal-Mart resulted in a hypermarket chain in Germany. (Washington Copyright  © 1995-2004 Pinnacor) Moreover, the domestic expansion activity keeps on increasing with the production of new Wal-Mart stores as well as converting Wal-Mart stores into Super centers and new SAMS club. At the same time the expansion strategy includes relocating the existing SAMS clubs into new locations. This also leads to international expansion of further units of both the club and store. For instance, during 1999, Wal-Mart was expanded to Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Mexico as its further units. (Washington Copyright  © 1995-2004 Pinnacor) Furthermore, during 2000 the evaluated profits and ratio of sales and purchase to Wal-Mart was immense as information technology and various technological equipments were added along the non-information technology equipments. However, the company estimated an approximate amount of $12 million for programming and replacing the various software and $3 million as the cost of hardware acquisition. Nonetheless all these costs are basically funded by some operational cash flows. On the other hand the company continuously communicates to other big companies in order to calculate the per year compliance of the company. However, during the coming few years the company tremendously grew and is presently the dominantShow MoreRelatedOperations Management Analysis For Walmart2766 Words   |  12 PagesOperations Management Analysis for Walmart I. Introduction Walmart is a multinational retail store based in the US. According to the Fortune Global 500 in 2015, it is the world’s largest public corporation. Its operations are organized into three divisions: Walmart Stores US, Sam’s Club, and Walmart International. The company has nine different retail formats, including supercenter, food and drugs, and membership stores. According to Yahoo Finance, Walmart is in the industry called â€Å"Discount,Read MoreSwot Analysis : Walmart Inc.1968 Words   |  8 PagesWalmart is a company that most people have heard of; it is one of the largest retail corporations with 11,527 retail units as of 29 February 2016, 4,573 within the United States, 651 Sam’s clubs, and 6,303 Walmart internationals.(â€Å"Our Locations,† n.d.) This report aims to take a brief look at the Walmart Corporation; it’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats along with an environmental analysis, five forces analysis and a look at stra tegy formation. Company Background: The History of WalmartRead MoreSwot Analysis on Walmart3147 Words   |  13 PagesAssignment: Choose an organization you are familiar with and (a). Submit an SWOT analysis of the organization with an evaluation of each element of the SWOT. Wal-Mart III. SWOT analysis Strength The strength of Wal-Mart is the popularity. The company is known worldwide. The companys strength is the brand name which is very strong. The mark strength is what returns the company, its products and services popular. In addition the companys strength is its ability to make strategic adjustmentsRead MoreSwot Analysis of Walmart Essay2429 Words   |  10 Pagesun-passable opportunity.    †¢Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The owners of Wal-Mart stand to gain enormous profits from this move while India’s economy will suffer and its workers will be subjugated to the unfair work practices of this Multinational Behemoth SWOT Analysis Wal-Mart Strength * Wal-Mart is a powerful retail brand. It has a reputation for value for money, convenience and a wide range of products all in one store. * Wal-Mart has grown substantially overRead MoreWalmart Swot Analysis : Walmart Essay984 Words   |  4 PagesWALMART ANALYSIS 1 WALMART ANALYSIS 5 Business Process Management Hieu Le Columbia Southern University Walmart Analysis Walmart is the largest supply chain in the world which distributes different products of multiple firms. For the last fifteen years, Walmart has grown significantlyRead MoreOrganizational Analysis. Walmart. Walmart Is A Multinational836 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Analysis Walmart Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, discounted department stores, and grocery stores. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962, the company is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. â€Å"Within 14 years of opening its first supercenter (stores selling both general merchandise and a full line of groceries) in 1988, Walmart became the largest grocery retailer in the United States and the first truly national grocery chain† (MatsaRead MoreWalmart Change Implementation Analysis : Walmart933 Words   |  4 PagesWalmart Change Implementation Analysis Summary Walmart was started on a large visionary change. Sam Walton, the founder, started Walmart when no other stores existed like the Walmart we know and appreciate today as consumers. The company was founded on a change. Walmart was created to change how retail worked and no other retail store had yet offered lower prices with great service like walmart was created to aim towards. As Walmart is approached with a merger of BIGGER Company, Inc., there isRead MoreWalmart Case Analysis : Walmart922 Words   |  4 Pages WALMART CASE STUDY Walmart revolutionised the department store structure by drawing consumers away from the classical approach into an urban utopia. Walmart has a high distribution footprint, on average, since 1962 Walmart has acquired 125 stores each year, making them a monumental player in the department store industry. Walmart started as a monopoly occupying the entire market as the original mass commercial outlet. For some time, Walmart was considered a hypercompetitive environment becauseRead MoreAnalysis And Evaluation Of Walmart1158 Words   |  5 PagesI. BACKGROUND Walmart the supercenter giant was founded in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962(Walmart). Founded by Sam Walton with his visionary leadership and along with his associates they focused on helping consumers and communities to save money and live better (Walmart). The successful retail giant has been known to dominate markets and operate on global efficiencies. Walmart operates in 27 countries with more than 11,000 stores serving more than 2 million consumers worldwide (Walmart). The economic satisfactionRead MoreSwot Analysis for Walmart1637 Words   |  7 PagesSWOT Analysis for Walmart Fay Stewart MGT/521 February 1, 2012 Audrey Ellison A SWOT analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of a company and the opportunities and threats. When used in business it can help a company carve a sustainable niche in the market. A SWOT analysis can be a powerful tool that can assist a company in uncovering opportunities that they can exploit. If a company can comprehend their weaknesses they can then manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise

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Valuing Investments UK Inflation Rate and Graphs

Questions: Discuss the following points..1. The link between the Unemployment and the inflation with the industry construction of Travis Perkins and Kingfisher. Travis Perkins is a builder merchants and Kingfisher Plc. is a retailing company.2. The business synergy of Travis Perkins. (e.g they sell kitchens, products of its building customer, they have specialist and heating products. Explain how the synergy works.3. The business cycle and the 5 porter's forces of the two industries ? Answers: 1. Unemployment and inflation plays a pivotal role in every industry. In case of both the organizations Travis Perkins and Kingfisher, both the factors play an important role. If rate of inflation increases, then, rate of unemployment will also increase in case of both the industries. This can cause a negative impact in both the industries (, 2015).2. The organization Travis Perkins follows a business synergy of value and performance. Such kind of business synergy helps the firm to attain a level of competitive advantage in the industry. As, they are specialist in heating products, therefore, their business synergy works on the basis of better performance towards a large portion of the customers (, 2015)3. In porters 5 five forces, the treats of new entry and bargaining power of the suppliers are high in case of Travis Perkins. On the other hand, bargaining powers of the buyers and treats of substitute are high in case of Kingfisher Plc. In addition t o this, threat of new entrants and threat of substitutes is higher in case of both the industries (, 2015). Table 1: Porters 5 Forces of the companies Porters Five forces Travis Perkins Kingfisher Plc Threat of new entry High High Threat of substitution Moderate Low Buyer Power Moderate High Supplier Power High High Competitive Rivalry High High Product cycle of Travis Perkins is at the maturity stage and on the other hand, the product life of Kingfisher is at the growth stage. Both are important marketing tools (, 2015). References List, (2015).UK Inflation Rate and Graphs | Economics Help. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Dec. 2015]., (2015).Kingfisher plc. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Dec. 2015]., (2015).Why lower unemployment doesn't mean higher inflation | [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Dec. 2015]., (2015).Travis Perkins. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Dec. 2015].

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Report On Future Global Energy Production-Samples for Students

Question: Write a report on Future Global Energy Production and Infrastructure. Answer: Overview Energy is one of the most important factors of production in any environment, be it private, public, commercial or otherwise. Energy generation has been in private and public hands since time immemorial. This is sometimes the result of one sides inefficiency, as well as the need to have energy sources that are more in line with individual needs. Energy production is greatly influenced by the source. For instance, much of todays energy production is powered by fossil fuels, with coal and oil leading the pack in this respect. The need for more power and technology has over time made nuclear power a highly regarded source of power, particularly in the developed world (Hall, Lambert Balogh, 2014). While there is continued dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, environmental concerns and political issues have led countries to attempt to pull away from these energy sources. Instead, there is greater emphasis on energy that is seen as being clean, in that it has minimal impact on the environment in terms of emissions. Hydroelectric, geothermal, solar and other such other sources have become increasingly important and popular across the world, though the amount of power and its adaptability is still small (Akpan and Akpan, 2012). In transporting energy, various models are used. For electricity, power lines are the main mode of transport. Oil is transported using various methods, including the use of tanker ships and pipelines. Smaller quantities are moved by road. Coal uses road, rail and water transport. Renewable sources of energy mainly compose of electricity, which is mainly moved through power lines as indicated before. Introduction Throughout the world, total energy production and consumption has been greatly changing. These changes are the result of several factors. For instance, the global population has greatly increased since the 1960s and before, and continues to do so. This has obviously meant that there are more people in need of energy, and greater pressure on energy producers to deliver more (Jamel and Derbali, 2016). Technological advances have also played a big role in the nature and amount of energy produced over the years. At the turn of the 20th century, energy production was mainly based on coal. This was gradually supplemented in increased levels by oil, before forms of electricity also became prevalent. As more societies are connected to national and regional power grids, the production of power generated continues to grow due to increased demand. The global economy has greatly grown, both in absolute terms and in its energy needs. For instance, electric cars have become more common, especially in the developed world. There are more industries, meaning that the amount of energy needed is more than ever before, and continues to grow. Environmental issues have also affected the nature of power generated, with more funds and focus being spent on other sources of energy such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal (Shearer et al, 2014). Future energy production will continue to shift, as countries seek to be less dependent on others for energy production. This will be motivated by both economic and political concerns. At the same time, environmental issues and increased demand will continue shaping sources and use of energy, with a general movement away from fossil fuels to more environmental0friendly means of energy production and use (Gerhardt, 2016). Objective This report aims to explore the changing landscape of energy production globally, with respect to rural, urban and global infrastructure and needs. At the same time, the report will examine these issues through the main forces driving energy production changes. These are politics, the environment, demographics, and economic development. These factors are also critical to future energy production and needs. Countries face the challenge to either expand coverage to all sectors of their populace, to invest in infrastructure to produce more power, or to gradually decarbonise their energy production. In all these respects, the emphasis is on more investment. Efforts to have each country commit to cleaner energy production should be encouraged so that future energy production methods are less detrimental to the environment (Akpan and Akpan, 2012). Energy Sustainability Factors Shifting energy sources and needs In the centuries before the 19th, energy production was driven by the burning of biomass wood being the main component. As the industrial revolution took hold, energy production gradually changed to coal, which was the main source of power by the mid 19th century. While other sources of energy had become slowly more widespread, including hydroelectricity and natural gas, coal remained the most important source of energy, and continued to be so. In 1960s, more than 80% of the global energy production and use occurred in North America, Europe and Eurasia. Due to increased economic growth and urbanisation in other parts of the world, particularly in Asia Pacific, this share has fallen to 43% now, as other parts of the world produce and generate more power (Jamel and Derbali, 2016). There are shifts in the nature of power used as well. Electricity is becoming ever more important in production and domestic use. This is driven by changing lifestyles that shift energy needs from only the need to keep warm and cook served by biomass to electronic items, electric cars and other things that have shifted energy needs. Solar and wind sources of energy are becoming more widespread. By comparison however, coal remains the leading source of energy, accounting for 160 of the 525 exajoules of energy produced in 2015. Other major sources of energy include crude oil and natural gas, with the rest having a minor but significant share of total energy production (Bridge et al, 2013). Future trends in global energy production There is an ever louder crusade to ensure energy production does to lead to unsustainable development. The Paris Agreement was one of several attempts to commit countries to cut their carbon emissions over a specific timeframe, meaning that while they need to meet their energy needs, they also need to change the generation methods to cleaner ones (Manolas, 2016). The environment is not the only motivation. Political issues are also partly to blame. For instance, Germany has had to rethink its energy generation due to political issues with its main supplier, Russia. American efforts to reduce dependence on Middle Eastern oil have led to increased drilling in its own territory, leading to more crude oil production and ultimately, use, as a result of less cost (Gerhardt, 2016; Salameh, 2013)). Consistent and dependable sources of energy are a major economic consideration today. This consideration has several challenges, mostly revolving infrastructure development and the issues discussed above regarding environment and politics. As governments ponder this, they need to come up with plans that guarantee sufficient power, take care of the environment, and consider the political ramifications of one option over the others. At the same time, changing energy generation methods needs to be gradual and ordered further complicating the case for both the authorities and users (Sorrell, 2015). From the data of current energy production; it is clear that while the world is making progress in incorporating other sources of energy, fossil fuels still produce most of what we use. Moving away from this will require huge investments, coupled with political sacrifices and disruptions (Owusu and Asumadu-Sarkodie, 2016). There will also be a need to change the nature of certain energy consumers, to suit new sources. For instance, the availability of electric cars needs to be more prevalent. The mode of production of clean energy will also need to be revamped if it is to be considered a worthy alternative to existing sources. Despite any changes that the future will produce however, the world will continue being more energy driven, with only the sources changing (Sovacol, 2016). Summary Energy production methods are constantly changing. While the industrial revolution marked the initial dramatic change in sources of power, this has been affected in recent years by other factors, most notably economic and population growth in the developing world. At a time when much of the world is concerned with connecting more people to energy, it will be difficult to explore other sources of energy, unless they compliment, rather than substitute, current energy sources. Increased political and economic pressure will however mean that energy production will shift from fossil fuels to other more sustainable sources of energy. References Akpan, U., Akpan, G. 2012. The Contribution of Energy Consumption to Climate Change: A Feasible Policy Direction. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 2(1) 21-33. Bridge, G. et al. 2013. Geographies of energy transition: Space, place and the low-carbon economy. Energy Policy, 53, 331-340. Gerhardt, C. 2016. Germanys Renewable Energy Shift: Addressing Climate Change. Capitalism Nature Socialism, 28(2), 103-119. Hall, C., Lambert, J., Balogh, S. 2014. EROI of different fuels and the implications for society. Energy Policy, 64, 141-152. Jamel, L., Derbali, A. 2016. Do energy consumption and economic growth lead to environmental degradation? Evidence from Asian economies. Cogent Economics and Finance, 4(1), article 1170653. Manolas, E. 2016. The Paris climate change agreement. International Journal of Environmental Studies, 73(2), 167-169. Owusu, P., Asumadu-Sarkodie, S. 2016. A review of renewable energy sources, sustainability issues and climate change mitigation. Cogent Engineering, 3(1), Article 1167990. Salameh, M. 2013. Impact of U.S. Shale Oil Revolution on the Global Oil Market, the Price of Oil Peak Oil. International Association for Energy Economics, 27-31. Shearer, C., Bistline, J., Inman, M., Davis, S. 2014. The effect of natural gas supply on US renewable energy and CO2 emissions. Environmental Research Letters, 9(9), published online. Sorrell, S. 2015. Reducing energy demand: A review of issues, challenges and approaches. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 47, 74-82. Sovacol, B. 2016. How long will it take? Conceptualizing the temporal dynamics of energy transitions. Energy Research Social Science, 13, 202-215.